The Grace Family

Television Show

Casting Guidelines

1) If you are chosen for a character role in The Grace Family you will be required to take 6 weeks of online classes or the equivalent. The cost of the classes will be $299.00. These classes will prepare you for the acting role. 

2) Each Actor chosen for a role in the television show will have a Electronic Press Kit (EPK) generated that includes bio, pictures, video monologue, and resume that will be sent to major networks with the television pilot for review for other acting jobs in movies and television. The cost of the EPK will be $199.00 and will need to be paid for after the acting classes.

3) All Actors will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and Actors Agreement that will guarantee them payment if the show is picked up by a major television network. No Actors pay will exceed the sum of $3,000 for the television pilot, but some Actors may be chosen to continue on the tv show for the major television network.

4) All Acting submissions made be made online through [email protected] or by setting up a face to face meeting with a casting representative.

For further Information or Questions

(310) 439-8926 Email: [email protected]