The Grace Family

Television Show

Available Roles


The Grace Show Tv Pilot Casting Primary Roles 


Willie: Willie Grace (Lead),
the father who is a construction contractor who owns his own company, which allows him to stay at home a lot. Willie is very interested in running his own household and helping to raise his kids in the proper manner. Age 30’s.

Clara: Clara Grace (Understudy), the mother who works at home selling products online over the internet. Clara believes her kids are angels. Clara is very loving toward her kids, but to trusting. Age 30’s.
Leo: Leo Grace (Lead), the son who is still fascinated by the street life and style of dress. Leo is still tying to hold on to his old neighborhood , through his friend Ricky who visits the family sometimes. Leo has found a new interest in his sister’s friend who lives next door to their new house. Age late teens.
Joey: Joey Grace (Lead): the Old School Uncle who still believes in the simple way of life he learned as a youth in the ghetto, he is always trying to fix something his way instead of the right way. Age 30’s.
Shaundra: Shaundra Grace (Lead), the oldest daughter, she is obsessed with the Suburban way of life. She is very proper and loves being popular. She very gullable to people, not even understanding when they mean her no good, but most of all she has a good heart. Age late teens.

Denise: Denise Grace (Understudy), the youngest daughter, she is fascinated by African Americans who achieved greatness, she views the world based on an Afro-centric point of view, Age mid teens.

Brenda: Aunt Brenda Hudson (Understudy); Clara Grace youngest sister. She likes to use men for their money and break their heart when they fallin love. She is convinced on getting Willie Grace to share his new fortune with her. Age 23-38.

Paris: Paris Hill (Lead), the girl next door that the son Leo is crazy about. Paris has a quiet personality, but loves attention. Paris secretly has a crush on Leo. Paris is best friend’s with Shaundra. Age late teen’s.
Kimberly: Kimberly Foxx (Lead), she is obsessed with being beautiful and gorgeous over all other things. Aunt Brenda is her Mentor and confidant who keeps her up with the latest fashions and how to use the latest tricks to catch vulnerable admirers and spend all their money. her personality is cluelsss outside of looking good.
Rachel Hill (Lead): The mother of Chennell and Paris Hill. Divorced mother, who is over protective of her daughters. She excepts all people for who they are and not their color.
 Jason White (Lead): Jason White (Understudy). Lily White’s son. He is part of the boy scout troop. He has a male chauvinistic attitude

Chenell Hill (Lead):  Paris Hill’s sister. Chenell is a year younger than Paris. Chenell is about 16 years Old. Chenell is often Paris’s side kick. Chenell also secretly likes Leo.

Chico (Lead): Ricky’s friend who visits the Grace’s sometimes from the projects. Chico is about 18 years old. He tries to seem bigger than he is, by trying to look flashy with cheap clothing.

Lamont (Lead): Ricky’s friend who visits the Grace’s sometimes from the projects. Lamont is about 18 years old. He often steals his grandfather’s ripple wine.

Mamie: Aunt Mamie Hudson (Lead). Clara Grace’s mother. She is the grandmother of the family. She is a loving caring figure who comforts everyone. She is 30-40 years old.

Heather Heather White (Lead). Lily White’s daughter. She is Denise’s friend and part of her girl scout troop, She is very sensitive about people’s feelings. She is 14-16 years old. 

Waldo Waldo Green (Lead). The neighborhood kid, that hands out with Jason. He has a male chauvinistic attitude. He is 14-16 years old. 
Ben White (Lead): The next door racially chauvessnistic neighbor. He is terrified Black people will take over his neighborhood. Ages 32-45.
Lilly White (Lead): The next door neighbor. She secretly like black people. She has a curious and funny attitude. Ages 32-45.